Friday, June 6, 2008

Jeanne's First Few Days

First Few Days: Thurs. 5th- Today was a day I will always remember. We spent the day in Kibera, a slum on the outskirts of Nairobi. It is a place you would have to see to believe. So many people living in extreme poverty! On the bright side, the kids we visited appeared happy and healthy. Thanks to many good hearted people, they are thriving in spite of their own personal misfortunes. On Friday we delivered desk and food to a lovely school in Nyeri, St. Mary's school for boys. The headmaster is a charming man with a clear vision for his students. He is doing the best he can with the resources he has, but again, the need is great. I am seeing first hand what a difference the funds raised from Eat So They Can, and the Kilimanjaro climb are making. It is so rewarding.

- Jeanne Sweetman
Eat So They Can Winner

Picture: Jeanne, Brother Kombe and a student at the school looking at the lack of ventilation in the food storage shed for St. Mary's Boys School in Nyeri.

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sheri said...

Hi Jeanne,
What an extrodinary thing
you are doing. You will not
look at life the same.
I can't wait to see you and